The Walled Lake Church of Christ is Currently Looking to Fill the following position:


Walled Lake Church of Christ–1403 North Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake, MI 48390

Phone:  248-624-4600 Email: web:


Youth & Outreach Minister (YOM)

STATUS: Full-Time. Starting Salary is negotiable and will be commensurate with experience: includes newly remodeled 4-bedroom parsonage.

General Description: (50% Youth, 30% Outreach 20% Personal emphasis)

The goal of this position is to encourage our youth (6th-12th grades) to be lifelong disciples of Christ—and to equip and encourage the church to better engage the community for Christ. Programs and personal ministry should be tailored to achieve this goal. 

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Must be a baptized male believer; who sincerely supports the churches of Christ (a cappella).
  2. A bachelor’s degree in youth ministry or related field and/or a professional certification in Church Ministry with experience.
  3. Be a team player who is also encouraged to take the initiative within the scope of the position. 
  4. Must be skilled in: written/verbal communication, conflict management, computers, modern social networking media.
  5. Must possess or acquire a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), and maintain legal ability to drive children in church transport (25 passenger bus). Church will provide funding to acquire CDL.
  6. Must submit to legal background check, fingerprinting, drug testing, and driving record check.


The Youth & Outreach Minister (YOM) will report to the Eldership of the Walled Lake Church of Christ for spiritual and ministry guidance.  The Elders, along with the pulpit minister will work together with the YOM to develop procedure and programs. We see this as a team effort. 

Primary Tasks:

  1. Develop teams to help with youth and outreach ministries.
  2. Reach out to all youth and families and be a part of their lives.
  3. Encourage Youth to be active in their Christian faith and service to others.
  4. Defend and protect Youth spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
  5. Overview the digital footprint of the church and lead efforts to improve it.
  6. Develop training to engage members in reaching out for Christ.


  • General Ministry
  1. Support the work of the Eldership in an annual process of evaluating the vision and goals of the youth ministry. Attend monthly planning sessions and provide relevant information.
  2. Work with pulpit minister and church staff.
  3. Work together with other members of the church, utilizing their gifts and talents to create and maintain an atmosphere of teamwork.
  4. Maintain established office hours on premises—though getting out into community and with the youth is the priority.
  5. Support all ministries of the church when needed.
  • Youth
  1. Plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a balanced youth ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach.
  2. Be an advocate for the youth and educate our congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of the youth in the church and community.
  3. Coordinating, transporting, and supervising youth trips/activities, this may include overnight and out of state travel.
  4. Recruit and train volunteers to work with youth in all aspects of youth ministry.  Ensure adequate volunteer support and adult to youth ratios.
  5. Keep records of youth participation and manage the youth ministry budget.
  6. Communicate all information relative to the youth ministry in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, bulletin, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.). Ensure communication with Eldership, parents, and the congregation as a whole.
  7. Make yourself available to the youth for many reasons including but not limited to:  attendance at extracurricular activities, home visitation, times of crisis, celebrations, invitations, etc.
  8. Ensure that the Child Protection Policy is observed in all youth ministry settings.
  • Outreach
  1. Lead and develop more effective outreach through social media. 
  2. Equip & train church members to engage the community for Christ.
  3. Develop teams and support existing efforts to reach the community.
  4. Lead by example through community involvement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Generally, only those key duties necessary for proper job evaluation have been included. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned by the leadership.