I’m not a good resolution-maker. It’s not that I don’t necessarily try to better myself, set goals, or want to do something different with my life, but when it comes to doing an actual and tangible resolution for the whole “New Year New Me” vibe, I fall pretty short. The last one that I remember trying was in high school, when I decided that I would give up soda for a year. About two weeks in, the cravings hit pretty hard so I tried to reason with myself, and (don’t tell me I said this,) but I’m very difficult to work with sometimes. I resolved instead to give up soda for 6 months. That was reasonable. But about four weeks in, I again decided after much deliberation between myself and the me that’s hard to work with, that I would give up Dr. Pepper for 6 months. I could still drink other soft drinks, but not Dr. Pepper! I’m resolved on this!! 7 weeks in, and I struck again. No Dr. Pepper. 3 months. I’m resolved!!! After taking away all difficulty, I can say that my resolution for that year was a breeze.

I will fully admit that the “hard to work with” me still rears its ugly bald head at times. Not so much in a resolution for the future, but rather it takes a swipe at who I was in the past; before deciding to make the ultimate resolution in the following of our King…and it begs me to make a concession. I’d be terrified to know how many of those concessions I have made, despite being resolved in the love, grace, and mercy of God. For being dead to myself, I must say that in death I can still be pretty annoying.

I pray that in this New Year, we never forget how resolved we truly are. It is more than a hopeful idea, a willful gameplan, or a “wishing for the best” change to our lives, it is a matter of life and death that God offers. A death of who we used to be, despite the constant begging for concessions, and entrance into a life that is set free from the bondage of sin and decay. It is a life that was paid for by another; an actual and tangible offer of resolution. May we be resolved to step forward with our eyes focused on the throne of God instead of our feet on earth, saying goodbye to the “hard to work with” us, and hello to the works that God has prepared in advance for us to do. May we be resolved to have a happy new year, with the emphasis on “new,” despite concessions, cravings, or Dr. Peppers. 
HOMEWORK: Read Romans 7:7-8:17
Caleb Smith, Pulpit Minister

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